CHT Token
Name: CHT Token
Address: 0xe0a2f0913eeb56ddcd124386c30ecc3a7507c425
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Initial Total Supply: 1,000,000 $CHT
    75% Add to liquidity
    10% for Team (Team address: 0x08004855996Ba50DEaBC69222b4f65E837ACA0B6)
    10% For contests before Farms starts, we will burn if not used up before Farming. These rewards will be distributed from the admin address
    5% for Airdrops Emission rate:
    Reward per block: 1 CHT.
In addition, we may make adjustments to suit reality, to ensure a stable and increasing CHT price.
    Farmers - 90% of the rewards per block (0.1 CHT)
    Farmers daily 2880 - 28,800 COMOS (based on 28,800 blocks per day)
    Team - ~10% of the rewards per block (0.1 CHT)
Last modified 6mo ago
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